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Application for leasing
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Application for leasing


By means of leasing you can attract additional funds for enlargement of a car fleet. At the same time you save significant funds by decreasing the tax payments.

A car is purchased for you by a leasing company. You use it during a given period of time and carry out leasing payments every quarter. After that you buy out the car for the minimum residual cost.

Leasing is more profitable than purchasing a car on credit.

If you are a business owner, so leasing a car by your company but for your own needs is far more profitable than direct buying a car for cash or clearing settlements.

Advantages of Leasing.

1.    From your own funds you carry out only the primary payment. The rest is paid by a leasing company. Your funds stay in your business and continue bringing you profits.

2.    Leasing allows saving funds by possibility of VAT refund and by reducing the taxable base of a profit tax.

3.    Amortization. The book value of a property is decreasing up to 3 times more quickly and therefore the sum of a property tax is reduced.

4.    You can choose the most convenient schedule of leasing payments, primary payment and buy-out cost. You choose the most comfortable period of leasing.

5.    The car can be carried both in the balance sheet of the lessor or in the balance sheet of your company. If the asset holder is a leasing company, you may improve the balance structure of your company by means of carrying the lease subject on off-balance sheet accounts.

6.    By the end of the leasing contract you may buy out the car for almost zero price.

Entering into a lease contract is easier than a credit procedure and doesn’t need a pawn.
It usually takes 1 - 5 days.

We will gladly help you to understand the fine points of leasing. Let your business comply with the up-to-date trends of attracting the external financing. For detailed information fill out the enquiry form given on the link below.

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